Schießstandaufsicht nach §27 WaffG i.V.m. § 10 (2) AWaffV

Schiessleiter nach §27 WaffG

Instructor National Rifle Association of America / NRA 

  • Certified Home Firearm Safety
  • Certified Pistol
  • Certified Rifle
  • Certified Shotgun
  • Personal Protection In The Home
  • Personal Protection Outside The Home
  • Chief Range Safety Officer

Strategic Training Concepts – Senior Instructor

  • Tactical Shooting and Movement
  • Flashlight Applications of search, shooting, concealment and personal defense
  • LLM instructor level using tactical light, red visible and infrared
  • Room clearing tactics, bulding clearing and tactical movement


  • Counter Ambush Concepts: Preparing Your Reponse (PDN)
  • Counter Ambush Concepts: Physics & Physiology       (PDN)
  • Preparing And Responding To Active Shooter Incidents  (UNDSS)
  • Advanced Security In The Field (UNDSS)
  • Basic Security In The Field (UNDSS)
  • Shooting Reconstruction: 4 Elements of Trajectory (RTI)


  • Sicherer Umgang mit Schusswaffen bei Sicherungsdienstleistungen (VBG)


  • I.S.A.T. Level 1 to 3 (ISAT)